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Dario Altieri Testifies Before State Senate Majority Policy Committee to Save CURE Funds

Yesterday, May 22, 2012, Dario Altieri, M.D., our director of The Wistar Institute Cancer Center, Executive Vice President, and Chief Scientific Officer, presented testimony in Harrisburg before the Senate Majority Policy Committee to advocate for preserving CURE funding.

As we mentioned in this post several weeks ago, Governor Tom Corbett proposes to de-fund the CURE program created by Act 77, the Tobacco Settlement Fund legislation, in 2001. Wistar, along with many hospitals and research institutes in the state, have significant funding at stake. Over the years, CURE funds have supported 27 principal investigators across the Institute in a variety of research areas. The proposed de-funding will have a tremendous impact on Wistar.

Wistar has been advocating on a variety of fronts for the restoration of CURE funding to the Commonwealth’s 2013 budget. At the invitation of State Senator Edwin Erickson, Altieri presented testimony today in Harrisburg before the Senate Majority Policy Committee.

Watch the video of the hearing here.

Please visit the Pennsylvania Cancer Alliance website at here and download a sample letter to your representative to show your support for continued funding of CURE.