Animal Facility

The Animal Facility Shared Resource facilitates research through humane and efficient management of animal populations. The vivarium operates as a modified barrier facility and is equipped with quarantine and procedure rooms, holding rooms with biosafety cabinets, an imaging/holding room equipped with an IVIS 200 whole body animal imager, and additional support areas. The facility has rack space for more than 6,000 sterile, disposable, and individually-ventilated mouse cages. Space for housing limited numbers of small animal species other than mice is also available upon request.

Wistar’s Animal Care and Use Program, overseen by The Wistar Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), is fully accredited by the AAALAC, has an assurance on file with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare at the NIH, and is a registered USDA research institution.


  • Laboratory animal medicine and husbandry
  • Animal procurement
  • Animal health surveillance
  • NSG colony maintenance and breeding
  • Veterinary care and pharmacy
  • Quarantine housing
  • Technical support and training
  • Mouse pathology

Equipment & Features

  • Ventilated, sterile, disposable caging system
  • Common use anesthesia, germinator and CO2 machines
  • IVIS 200 whole body animal imager
  • In vivo imaging suite for small animal imaging equipped with a IVIS 200 system
  • Procedure rooms