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HIV cells

HIV Research Program

Wistar is home to one of the most productive HIV research programs in the nation, focused on:

  • Studying the mechanisms of immunodeficiency caused by HIV infection.
  • Boosting immune system function against the virus.  
  • Exploring new avenues to conquer and defeat viral latency, one of the most challenging obstacles to achieving a cure for HIV.
  • Creating an HIV vaccine.

Wistar HIV researchers are part of the Penn CFAR (Center for AIDS Research), one of 19 NIH-funded HIV research centers located at academic and research institutions throughout the United States. The Penn CFAR facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations among basic and clinical HIV and AIDS investigators at the University of Pennsylvania, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and The Wistar Institute.

The Wistar HIV research program leads the Martin Delaney Collaboratory Program, BEAT-HIV, focused on advancing the HIV cure agenda through both basic and clinical studies. The collaborative team includes more than 60 members worldwide from academia and industry. 

The Wistar HIV research program engages in partnerships with our local HIV community to offer participation in research studies and education on the latest Wistar research to persons living with HIV/AIDS