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Nicole Yohn, Ph.D.

Writing for Technology Transfer

Wi-Stars Graduation: May 2016

Nicole’s background

Nicole was very passionate about her neuroscience graduate research on addiction at the University of Pennsylvania and could see impressive long-term goals of translating that work into the clinic. However, she became frustrated with the slow-paced nature of basic academic research. This persuaded her to use her scientific background in a non-academic career that would have a more immediate impact on the health and well-being of patients.

Nicole was very proactive about her long-term career goals. She enrolled into different programs that gave her exposure to teaching, consulting and medical writing.

How she became a Wi-Star

Networking was an important aspect in preparing to transition to her ideal career. Nicole talked to her colleagues, sought advice from peers who held non-academic roles in science and attended career fairs. She heard about the Wi-Stars program from a former graduate school colleague and decided to apply. She saw technology transfer as an avenue to explore the process of medical technology development in a fast-paced environment.

The Wi-Stars experience

The Wi-Stars internship exposed Nicole to the mechanics of technology transfer. She was particularly interested in gaining medical writing experience and had the opportunity to learn how best to tailor her scientific writing to an investor/development audience.

“Not only did the team challenge me to provide unique new technology descriptions for their website, but they gave me the opportunity to attend webinars on technology transfer and patents,” said Nicole.

She feels that the most valuable experience she gained were the interactions with the business development team, as they made it a priority to work side-by-side with her, providing valuable mentorship and training. The Wi-Stars experience directly influenced her career goals and helped her obtain a job as a medical writer.

“I entered the career market with experience in promotional medical writing through the development of novel technology descriptions for Wistar, which served as deliverables I used to exhibit my experience to employers,” she said.