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Benjamin N. Ediger, Ph.D.

A Molecular Biologist and an Aspiring Patent Agent

Wi-Stars Graduation: November 2016

Benjamin’s background

Ben received his Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania. Unsatisfied with the prospect of tenure-track, Ben began considering other career opportunities available to him. To do this, he utilized University of Pennsylvania’s career development services.

How he became a Wi-Star

As he explored careers, his interest in technology transfer and intellectual property grew. When a colleague mentioned The Wistar Institute’s Wi-Stars internship, he seized the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and professional guidance while not interfering with his research responsibilities.

The Wi-Stars experience

As a Wi-Stars intern, Ben contributed to multiple initiatives, gaining firsthand insight into how a business development office operates.

“The advantage of the Wi-Stars program is that the interns participate in projects from start to finish,” he elaborated, “Wistar’s Business Development Office prioritizes engaging with investigators and proactively assisting them with their intellectually property needs. In that atmosphere, interns can participate in all facets of the industry, which is good for someone trying to make an informed career decision.”

When speaking about the Wi-Stars internship and career development, Ben thought an important element was simply the opportunity to temporarily try a different career. He says that the experience gave him the confidence to commit to pursuing a career outside academia.

When he was interviewed, Ben had recently started as a Scientific Advisor at a law firm and was studying for the Patent Bar Examination. Asked if the Wi-Stars internship helped him with his job search, he stated, “Yes, it was an experience that I could point to that demonstrated commitment to joining the intellectual property community.”