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Philadelphia Research Consortium

The Philadelphia Research Consortium is a preclinical research network for facilitating easy access to our region’s robust research and development pipeline. This alliance is designed to enable transformative, potentially lifesaving scientific progress and catalyze productive, long-term collaborations between the Philadelphia academic research community and for-profit research and development partners, specifically targeting life sciences start-ups.

The Consortium allows for local, national and international startup and biotech partners to leverage the collective research strengths of Philadelphia’s vibrant life sciences community. Such relationships between research institutions and biotech partners could increase the likelihood of innovative early stage discoveries successfully moving from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Members of the Philadelphia Research Consortium have made a pledge to the startup and biotech community to use a universal, sponsored research agreement with all potential partners interested in exploring preclinical discovery research with participating institutions in order to facilitate meaningful collaborations. This user-friendly tool serves as an invitation for startups to unite with partners across the area’s biomedical research community.

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Philadelphia Research Consortium template agreement.


To learn more about the Philadelphia Research Consortium, contact:

Heather Steinman, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Senior Vice President, Business Development & Executive Director, Technology Transfer
The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Philadelphia Research Consortium Members

Please click on the logos of our partners to learn more about technology transfer, commercialization, and research opportunities that each of these institutions offers.

What People Are Saying

“Working with the Philadelphia Research Consortium is ideal for local companies like Man’s Best Friends Therapeutics, Inc., to catalyze new scientific ideas and approaches with like-minded research partners. This vision of moving our research forward with an academic partner—minus the contractual road blocks—saves time and advances the science. It could be Philadelphia’s equivalent to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.”

—Thomas Tillet, President and CEO, Man’s Best Friends Therapeutics Inc.

“Syntrix Biosystems is dedicated to research and new drug development, so it’s very important for us to work seamlessly with other research institutes to add value to early stage assets. We are based in Washington state, and we find enormous value in the smooth partnerships the Philadelphia Research Consortium offers so we can accelerate our scientific goals.”

—Dean Maeda, Director of Chemistry and Preclinical Development, Syntrix Biosystems, Inc.

“I’m extremely pleased to be working with The Wistar Institute and the dynamic partners of the Philadelphia Research Consortium to broaden the research pipeline and drug ‘undruggable’ targets that could one day become future therapies. PhoreMost is a U.K.-based biotech, but through the PRC we can expand our drug discovery relationships into the United States. I’m looking forward to being a part of this Philadelphia research hub and connecting with researchers and small biotechs in the region and beyond.”

—Chris Torrance, Ph.D., CEO, PhoreMost

“Headquartered in Guizhou, China, QL Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., is dedicated to discovering new scientific approaches that will lead to developing affordable, top quality future medicines. We can’t do that without excellent international partners. The Philadelphia Research Consortium is just that collaborating force of which we want to be a part. They are industry friendly and have the strength and support of many academic, industry and nonprofit members all focused on pushing science forward and getting results that will eventually save lives.”

—Xiaoping “Robert” Lo, Ph.D., CEOQL Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.