Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center

Improving health around the globe by creating and enhancing vaccines.

There are many infectious diseases for which no vaccines exist and others for which current vaccines offer limited protection. Extending The Wistar Institute’s history of accomplishment in vaccine development, The Wistar Institute Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center focuses on creating new or more effective vaccines for some of the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the world, including:

  • HIV/AIDS: Wistar researchers are developing a vaccine against HIV, a growing epidemic that has infected some 40 million people worldwide.
  • Influenza: Institute scientists are working to create a universal influenza vaccine that is effective against all strains of the flu, including avian flu, reducing the need for annual vaccination programs and protecting against pandemics.
  • Rabies: Building on the success of existing Wistar rabies vaccines for humans and wildlife, Institute scientists are pursuing a prophylactic vaccine for developing countries, where the disease takes the lives of thousands of children each year.
  • Tuberculosis and malaria: Collaborating with scientists at leading institutions worldwide, Wistar researchers are working to develop vaccines for tuberculosis, malaria, and other potentially deadly diseases.
  • Cancer: Wistar’s wide-ranging vaccine development program also encompasses treatment vaccines against melanoma, Epstein-Barr virus, and human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer.

Top Wistar scientists lead the center’s efforts, working in collaboration with leading institutions in the Philadelphia area such as the University of Pennsylvania, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Temple University, as well as major research organizations around the country and the world.

An international leader in biomedical research, The Wistar Institute has a proven record of success in vaccine development, having created the standard-of-care protections against rubella, rabies, and rotavirus. The Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center focuses the Institute’s strengths in immunology, virology, and other research disciplines to improve public health through the creation of new and improved vaccines, in the United States and around the globe.


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