Melanoma Research Center

Driving the basic science that will stop the spread of melanoma.

The Wistar Institute Melanoma Research Center strives to understand the unique biology of melanoma in order to develop new therapies against the disease. The center serves as a way for researchers to partner with clinicians – a framework of connections that brings scientists, physicians, the life sciences industry, and melanoma advocates together to save lives through new and better therapies.

This is a moment of crisis in melanoma.

Unlike most cancers, the incidence of melanoma has doubled in the past 30 years in the United States, despite better detection and a greater awareness of the dangers of sun and ultraviolet ray exposure. This is a disease in desperate need of new therapeutic options.

The Wistar Institute oversees one of the most prestigious melanoma research programs in the country. No new therapeutics against advanced melanoma have been approved for clinical use, a fact that the Melanoma Research Center at Wistar hopes to change within the decade.

Wistar scientists have made huge strides in understanding the biology that underlies this disease, from basic genetics to new concepts that describe the stem cell-like abilities of melanoma cells to evade treatment. Wistar also creates new tools for melanoma research, including three-dimensional “artificial skin” that serves as a model for studying how living tumors behave, as well as a proving ground for new therapeutics.

In these pages, you will learn more about melanoma, our recent discoveries, our collaborations with clinicians, and our plans for treating and preventing this most severe form of skin cancer.


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