Vector Core


The Vector Core creates and produces viral vectors for in vitro or in vivo expression of proteins or shRNA to facilitate gene delivery for gene therapy, vaccine development, therapy of cancer, or mechanistic studies. Comprehensive services including vector design and cloning, viral rescue, expansion, purification, and quality controls are available. The Vector Core has been fully established to produce adenovirus (Ad) vectors, adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, poxvirus vectors and lentivirus (LV) vectors.


  • Generate E1- or E1- and E3-deleted adenovirus vectors of human serotypes Ad5 and Ad26 and chimpanzee serotypes AdC6, AdC7 and AdC68. We have the capacity to develop dual-expression vectors for some vectors.
  • Generate recombinant single or double-stranded AAV vectors pseudotyped with capsid of serotypes AAV2, AAV5, AAV7 and AAV8.
  • Generate recombinant poxvirus vectors based on vaccinia virus strain Copenhagen.
  • Generate recombinant lentivirus (LV) vectors.
  • Our services include generation of new vectors through cloning and rescue of recombinant vectors. Vectors can be purified and titrated. A series of quality control studies can be conducted, such as content of endotoxin, bacterial contaminations, genetic integrity and stability of vectors.
  • Offer expansion and purification of already existing constructs.

Contact Us

The Wistar Institute
Vector Core, Room 368
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Facility Hours:
9:00 am-5:00 pm., Monday-Friday

Hildegund C.J. Ertl, M.D.
Scientific Director

Xiang Yang (Peter) Zhou, Ph.D.
Facility Director