Basic Toolkit

CDETweb® Toolbox is an electronic data management system designed by Wistar scientists with the basic investigator in mind. Tailored to meet the needs of Wistar Cancer Center (WCC) investigators, the toolkit allows users to:

• Register human-derived biological specimens under your active IRB protocol for regulatory compliance.
• Safely collect clinical information pertinent to biological specimens obtained from partner institutions and collaborators.
• Track collection and shipment of biological specimens.
• Rapidly extract information for regulatory reports (e.g., IRBs, DSMBs, NIH, etc.).
• Track the progression of specific projects, recruitment to clinical studies, etc.

The CDETweb® basic toolkit is free of charge for WCC investigators, and features multiplatform support, role-based access, and advanced data safety features.

To request an account on CDETweb®, or for more information, contact Livio Azzoni, M.D., Ph.D., Facility Managing Director, at or call 215-898-1752


Expand the basic toolkit to adapt it to your study project or clinical trial with

  • Protocol-based subject registration and ID assignment
  • Randomization tools
  • Electronic clinical report forms
  • Advanced sample tracking
  • Dedicated on-demand reports
  • Legacy systems integration, etc.

Need to link laboratory data to the CDETweb® database? The system provides low-cost file management solutions, including

  • File upload and storage
  • Automatic data upload from your spreadsheets
  • Data backup, and more.