Cost Structure

The cost of a screen is dependent upon the specifics of the assay developed.  Generally, the cost per a data point can range from $0.10 to $5, depending upon the endpoint readout. The direct cost of a screen is determined on the basis of four components: consumables, personnel time, machine time, and library.

The Molecular Screening Laboratory provides modular pricing schedules designed to keep the facility‚Äôs services as accessible as possible to all investigators. Once assay conditions have been optimized and tested, the exact cost of a screen will be determined.  Depending on the complexity of an assay/screen, implementation may be divided into incremental milestones along with cost estimates.  Customers may decide scope of screen including: the library and number of compounds, number of replicates, analyses and follow-ups.

How to initiate a screening project:
A high-throughput screening project is initiated by completion of an application, followed by extensive consultation between the Managing Director, the Scientific Director and the initiating Cancer Center member.  The goals of the application and this initial consultation are to define the scope of the project, assess its feasibility, define responsibilities, and set preliminary expectations.  Additional applications must be submitted each time a new screen is proposed.