Data Storage

Storage Space

The Imaging Facility maintains storage space in the Center for Systems and Computational Biology, located in the Wistar Bioinformatics Facility. All Imaging systems are directly linked to the storage system and all images created in the Imaging Facility should be saved directly to this server. The system has redundant back-up protocols and is automatically archived. Files may be accessed by users and transferred to individual laboratory drop boxes for personal back-up and storage. Although the Imaging Facility will do all that it can to maintain the integrity of imaging files, the user is ultimately responsible for their own data.

File Naming for the Imaging Server

File naming on the imaging server should be standardized for easy retrieval by both the user and facility staff. Files will usually remain on the primary server for 2 years before they will be removed to accommodate storage needs for ongoing work.

Each user should create a “Year” sub-folder for inclusion in their folder directory. Inside the year folder, each session should be placed in a folder with the date using the following format: YearMonthDay, i.e. 2012July19. This process will make it much easier to find and purge files at the end of each year.

 Example of nested folders:

Microscopy > Microscopy 1 > E600 Upright Microscope > Hayden > 2012 > 2012July19 > testfile1_20XDAPI.tif