Scheduling, Training, and Fees

Facility Hours

Investigator-operated analysis instruments are available year round, 24 hours/day. Not all instruments are available to non-Wistar investigators; contact facility personnel for information.

Resource personnel are generally available 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Their hours can be extended (with 24-hour advance notice) until 7:30 PM or beyond to accommodate individual experiments. Requests for hours extended beyond 7:30 PM will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


User-friendly analysis instruments are available to Wistar personnel only, and may be scheduled through the iLab reservation system.  You will need a valid Wistar email username and password to access the Flow Cytometry Calendar.  These instruments are available to only those who have received approval from the facility – contact the facility for details.  You may view and submit a request for cell sorting or facility-assisted analysis; requests are reviewed and you will be notified once accepted.

To Access Flow Cytometry Facility Schedules in iLab – Wistar personnel only (works best in Chrome or Firefox):

1. The link may be accessed via the Wistar Sharepoint Applications page or directly by navigating to the core page.

2. In the upper-right-hand corner of the Wistar Flow Cytometry Facility screen, please click to login.

3. You will be directed to an authentication page where you will need to enter your Wistar email credentials and login.  YOU MAY NEED TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD TWICE.

4. Further instructions will be found on the scheduling page.

Scheduling requests for facility-assisted analysis or any sorting may be submitted via the iLab system (Wistar only), or done in person (Room W364) or by telephone (215-898-3811*).  All appointments must be confirmed or approved by facility personnel.  Training or consultation requests can be made as well, in a similar fashion.

  * University of Pennsylvania investigators must dial all 10 digits when calling Wistar.

Facility personnel must be contacted prior to the planning of an experiment requiring 
their assistance. Information to be provided generally includes:
● number of samples (including all controls) to be analyzed;
● type of samples and staining;
● actual time of arrival in the facility;
● if sorting, number of cells per sampled to be sorted.

This multi-user facility runs on a tight schedule. It is imperative that you be on time for your appointment, with only as many samples as had been scheduled. If you will be late, need to increase the number of samples, or wish to cancel your appointment, please contact the facility as soon as possible to avoid being charged.

Training for user-friendly Flow Cytometry analysis instruments at Wistar (LSRIIs, FACSCalibur)

If you have questions about which instrument you need to be trained to use, please contact the Flow Cytometry Facility.  (Phone: 215-898-3811; Email:

Training on the LSRIIs / FACSCelesta generally takes 1 – 1 ½ hours, depending on your level of experience and the type of experiment.  If it is a simple 1-2 color experiment, you may not need to be trained in compensation of fluorochromes and therefore will not need the full 1 ½ hour.  FACSCalibur training generally takes ~1 hour.

You will see that there are 2 LSRII instruments: the LSR18 and the LSR14, as well as the FACSCelesta.  The instruments operate the same, the difference is the number of fluorochromes that can be run.  The fluorochrome information may be found in the Instrumentation section on the Wistar Flow Cytometry Facility website.  For training, it is suggested that you plan (not necessarily prepare, yet) the type of experiment you wish to perform on the instrument (including all appropriate controls, along with samples). 

Go to the iLab online calendars (see above).  Reserve a training request for the instrument upon which you want to receive training, which generates a tentative appointment and an email to facility personnel to make sure we are available to provide training at that time you have reserved.  You will receive an email once approved.  We may also contact you directly to review your experiment and appropriate controls.


Many different samples from various sources that may contain known or unknown human pathogens are investigated in the Flow Cytometry Facility. In general, the facility cannot accommodate any BSL3 material – all BSL3 samples must be appropriately inactivated through fixation prior to analysis or sorting.  Information about the sample sources and potentially infectious agents is critical for effective biosafety measures.  Consequently, a sample information form must be completed and signed by the Investigator who is requesting samples to be sorted prior to scheduling.  Contact facility personnel to discuss biosafety considerations or to request a form, or use this Biosafety Form.

User Fees (Effective January 1, 2017)

Investigator-operated analysis on user-friendly instruments

$30/hour for Wistar investigators
$60/hour non-Wistar academic investigators (only available on certain instruments)
N/A for non-Wistar commercial use

Facility-assisted analysis: BD LSRII, FACSCelesta, FACSCalibur analysis instruments (incl. post-acquisition analysis of acquired data)

$80/hour for Wistar users 
$125/hour for non-Wistar academic users 
$187.50/hour for non-Wistar commercial users

Cell sorting or analysis on sorting instruments

$95/hour for Wistar users
$150/hour for non-Wistar academic users
$225/hour for non-Wistar commercial users

Training or scheduled consultation

$60/hour for Wistar users + instrument fee
$75/hour for non-Wistar academic users + instrument fee

All rates are charged based on sign-in/sign-out for investigator-operated analysis, or time scheduled.


Monthly billing arrangements are required for services provided by the facility to non-Wistar investigators. Contact facility personnel for instructions.