Flow Cytometry Facility

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource provides users the technological resources and professional assistance for high quality, multi-parameter flow cytometry analyses and sorting. The Facility is capable of cell sorting (sterile, at speeds up to 30,000 cells/sec) from homogeneous or mixed cell populations based on up to 32 fluorochromes, sorting up to six separate populations, simultaneously including human-derived samples at BSL2+ level.

Facility personnel aid investigators in creating efficient and cost-effective experimental designs, through optimizing cytometry-specific reagent and fluorochrome selection, and offer assistance in operation of analysis instruments. Technical support is also provided for analyses of flow and imaging cytometry data for publication, presentation, and inclusion in grant applications; management of cytometric data (storage, archiving, and retrieval); and management of a site license for low-cost analysis software.


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How to Obtain Services

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