Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen, Ph.D.

Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center
  • 215-898-6008, Office

The Abdel-Mohsen laboratory investigates the role of host-virus interactions in persistence and immunopathogenesis of HIV infection by combining virological, glycobiological, and immune-based basic and translational research. The multidisciplinary studies aim to develop novel approaches to enhance immune function and control/eradicate HIV.

The focus of the work in the lab is based on a combination of approaches including investigating the role of glycan-lectin interactions and altered cell-surface glycosylation in mediating cellular processes central to immune regulation and human diseases; designing multi-omics approaches to study host immune response to HIV infection; and developing and implementing robust and sensitive molecular biology-based assays to measure cellular and tissue HIV reservoirs.

Abdel-Mohsen’s research focuses on diverse aspects of HIV pathogenesis, including HIV latency, host-virus interactions, intrinsic immunity, and HIV sequence diversity.  He joined The Wistar Institute as Assistant Professor in 2017 after completing his Ph.D. and postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI), where he was subsequently appointed as a research scientist. Previously, he was a virologist for the World Health Organization Regional Reference Laboratory for poliovirus in his home country of Egypt.  He received the UCSF-Gladstone CFAR Early-Career Award of Excellence in Basic Science in 2015.  

Selected Publications

1. Leal FE, Premeaux TA, Abdel-Mohsen M and Ndhlovu LC.  Role of Natural Killer Cells in HIV-Associated Malignancies.  Front. Immunol. 2017. 8:315. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00315 (Review).

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