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Dec. 5, 2018

The cholesterol link: What do an eminent biochemist from the past and an immunotherapy pioneer from the present have in common?

Wistar’s expertise has traditionally been in the study of cancer biology and immunology — very broad and complex fields that entail multidisciplinary approaches and investigations.

It so happened that David Kritchevsky, Ph.D., an eminent biochemist and expert in human nutrition, worked at Wistar for five decades starting in 1957, generating a vast amount of scientific knowledge on the role of lipids in atherosclerosis, or fat deposits in blood vessels, and prompting early work on the effect of diet on the risk of cancer. 

Blog Post
Nov. 7, 2018

Women and Science at Wistar with the Rosalind Franklin Society

The Wistar Institute was honored to host the 2018 annual Board meeting of the Rosalind Franklin Society, of which Wistar is a proud institutional member. The Rosalind Franklin Society is an international organization that recognizes, fosters and advances the important contributions of women in the life sciences and works to enable women to achieve more leadership positions in academia, industry and government.

Blog Post
Oct. 15, 2018

Wistar Science Highlights: News on Synthetic DNA Technology, Melanoma Research and Tumor Immunology

Latest research from Wistar described age-related structural changes in our skin and lymphatic system that favor the spread of melanoma; showed promise for a novel DNA vaccine for Ebola and engineered, DNA-based checkpoint inhibitors for cancer immunotherapy; and characterized the function of neutrophils, a type of white blood cells, during early stages of tumor progression.