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Wistar President and CEO Dario Altieri, M.D., Says "For Science to Progress, Collaboration is Essential"

What do the Vice President of the United States and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Napster co-founder have in common?

The two are working together on a shared initiative to enact major advances in curing cancer through cutting-edge research and development, and to generate a complete cultural shift embracing collaboration across research institutes in private, academic and government sectors.

Vice President Biden’s “moonshot” initiative is propelled by a $1 billion investment of government funds to make cancer research central to the administration’s policy in the years to follow. Ex-hacker and philanthropist Sean Parker has pledged a $250 million infusion for the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy initiative that ensures the sharing of data, knowledge and intellectual property across six medical universities and research centers.

Read Dr. Altieri’s editorial in today’s Inquirer.