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Sep. 22, 2022

Supporting Science Across Borders with Student Exchange

In 2020, The Wistar Institute kickstarted a Ph.D. exchange program with the University of Bologna for budding scientists in cell and molecular biology. Exchange students travel to Philadelphia and complete their thesis over the course of three years at the Institute while being supervised by a Wistar principal investigator and immersed in a collaborative, supportive research environment.

Blog Post
Sep. 20, 2022

Finding Balance at the Bench

This National Postdoc Appreciation Week, we asked our postdoctoral fellows how they strive to keep balance between their research and personal lives.

Wistar postdoctoral fellows serve as critical members of a principal investigator’s lab. They have the opportunity to lead independent projects, delving deeper into scientific questions beyond their Ph.D. degree. Our postdocs are mentored and trained by leading scientists and involved with cutting edge research to prepare them for lasting careers in biomedical research and the life sciences.

Blog Post
Sep. 19, 2022

Setting a Prime Example: Wistar’s Women & Science Program featuring Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee

As attendees tuned into their screens, Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee began her presentation Pancreatic Cancer Is PRIMED to Become an Immunologic Disease. With a full house of Zoomers, the Deputy Director of The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine discussed her cutting-edge research to develop immune-based therapies for pancreatic cancer at Wistar’s most recent Women & Science event.

Blog Post
Sep. 16, 2022

Unraveling The Enigmas of Melanoma

Meenhard Herlyn, D.V.M., D.Sc., is known internationally as one of the fathers of melanoma research. Now, a new generation of melanoma researchers are building on that foundation.