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Dec. 17, 2019

2019 in Review: Wistar’s Major Accomplishments

Besides groundbreaking science advanced by Wistar researchers, 2019 has seen several important accomplishments that expanded the Institute’s reach as a major player in Philadelphia’s life sciences scene, the nation and worldwide.

International Recognition 

Blog Post
Sep. 12, 2019

Setting the Stage for Success: The Busy Life of a Graduate Student at Wistar

Gretchen Alicea is a graduate student at The Wistar Institute and is enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Cancer Biology overseen jointly by Wistar and University of the Sciences (USciences). She has a lot on her plate: She is conducting exciting research for her Ph.D. thesis, has just submitted a paper for publication and is preparing to graduate next year, all the while raising two small children. Yet, she exudes energy and enthusiasm.

Blog Post
Aug. 22, 2019

Beyond Vaccines: Looking to Cures for Infectious Diseases

While vaccines are considered the single most important health achievement in history, there is a mandate to stem the global threat of HIV/AIDS, headlines predict mosquito-borne diseases will infect half the globe, and many new disease catastrophes are popping up. Wistar researchers are putting their research “eggs” into two baskets: new vaccines and immune therapeutics.