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Jul. 23, 2021

Wistar Scientists Described Fundamental Gene Expression Mechanism With Implications in Immunity and Cancer

In a recent Cell Reports paper, Dr. Bin Tian and team revealed a mechanism that has far-reaching implications in development and diseases, including immunity and cancers.

The lab studies RNA biology to understand just how gene expression is regulated at the RNA level.

The genetic code of DNA to RNA and proteins is fine-tuned at different stages. Most control mechanisms take place after RNA is made.

Blog Post
Jun. 29, 2021

Wistar Scientists Discover Blood-based Biomarkers to Predict HIV Remission After Stopping Antiretroviral Therapy 

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is highly effective at controlling HIV infection, keeping the amount of virus in the blood so low as to be undetectable. This condition is called viral suppression. 

Yet most people experience viral rebound and disease progression if they stop treatment, so scientists are looking to find a functional cure that allows infection control without ART.

Blog Post
May. 25, 2021

Discovering the Mechanisms That Fine-tune Gene Expression 

Turning on or off one or more genes at the wrong time or in the wrong cells can dramatically alter their activity and lead to unrestrained growth and cancer. Therefore, numerous control mechanisms are in place to keep the whole process in check.

Because of the complexity of gene expression regulation, this is one of the most intensely studied subjects.