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Apr. 16, 2018

Celebrating Women Scientists to Close the Gender Gap

The Helen Dean King award is named after Dr. Helen Dean King – a well-respected geneticist and member of Wistar's research staff from 1908 to 1950 who was instrumental in breeding the first standardized laboratory model known as the Wistar rat, which is still used worldwide today.

Blog Post
Mar. 16, 2018

Leadership Council & Matters of Science

Wistar's newest Leadership Council member Keith Lampman-Perlman is focused on making new connections for Wistar that will become part of a cross-disciplinary network of support dedicated to cutting edge research.

Blog Post
Mar. 14, 2018

Wistar Science Highlights: p53 Variant Increases Mitochondrial Function in Tumor Cells, Fundamental Step Found in the Cellular Response to Stress, Annual Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards

In the past month, Wistar researchers have discovered a novel mechanism through which mutant p53 enhances metastasis by controlling tumor metabolism and a missing step in one of the mechanisms of cellular response to stress important in B cells. In addition, the Weiner Lab was shortlisted for the Best Research Team category of the annual Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards.