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Aug. 13, 2018

Shining the Light on Melanoma Risk Factors

The long days of summer remind us about the importance of protecting our skin from risks associated with sun exposure, especially during warmer weather when sun exposure increases. Who better than melanoma research expert Ashani Weeraratna, Ph.D., a fierce melanoma awareness advocate, to walk us through the main risk factors?

Blog Post
Jul. 11, 2018

Wistar Science Highlights: Gene Expression Control in Physiology and Cancer

Alterations in gene expression can cause a wide spectrum of disease, including cancer. Wistar researchers have described new basic mechanisms of regulation of RNA transcription during physiological processes and malignant transformation. Understanding these fundamental mechanisms will take scientists closer to identifying specific therapeutic targets.

Blog Post
Jul. 2, 2018

Celebrating the Chern’s Family Commitment To Wistar Trainees

There is something special about the Chern Memorial Award at The Wistar Institute. It’s not just a longstanding tradition and a prestigious honor for the postdoctoral trainees at the Institute, it’s a heartfelt moment, in which junior scientists and mentors come together around the Chern family and their affectionate support for young scientists. It’s a perfect example of memorialization, love and generosity.