Participating Institutions & Faculty

Participating Institutions and Faculty

UPenn Department of Chemistry

Graduate Group in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

The Wistar Institute

Name Primary Appointment (s) [Graduate Group(s)]/ Role in Program Research Interest
Paul Lieberman, Ph.D. The Wistar Institute/Trainer Molecular mechanisms of viral chromosome stability and gene regulation with focus on interactions between viral activators and cellular coactivators
Emmanuel Skordalakes, Ph.D. The Wistar Institute/Trainer Molecular basis for telomere replication and telomerase regulation
David Speicher, Ph.D. The Wistar Institute/Trainer Macromolecular interaction mechanisms and thermodynamics in complex protein systems
Rugang Zhang, Ph.D. The Wistar Institute/Trainer Understanding the mechanisms of cellular senescence in cancer development and exploring novel intervention strategies for ovarian cancer


University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

SOM - School of Medicine
- Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
PHRM - Pharmacy

Shelley Berger, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Genetics and biochemistry of enzymes that regulate transcription and chromatin
Kate Ferguson, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Stereochemical details of molecular interactions in signal transduction pathways
Yale Goldman, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Motor proteins studied by photochemistry and spectroscopy
Harry Ischiropoulos, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (PHRM, BMB)/Trainer Redox-regulated post-translational protein modifications and signaling pathways
Rahul M. Kohli, M.D., Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Chemical probes of enzymes that purposefully mutate DNA in immune defense or pathogen evolution
Mark Lemmon, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (PHRM, BMB)/Trainer Molecular/structural basis for growth factor receptor signaling
Ronen Mamorstein, Ph.D. Program Director/UPenn SOM (CHEM)/Trainer Structural and chemical studies of proteins associated with chromatin regulation and cancer
Trevor Penning, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (PHRM, BMB)/Trainer Structure-function and inhibitor design of steroid hormone transforming addo-keto reductases
James Shorter, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Structural and chemical studies of protein disaggregases and prions
Greg Van Duyne, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Structural biochemistry of RNA processing, DNA recombination and chromosome segregation machinery
Sergei Vinogradov, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Probes and methods for optical microscopy and imaging
Josh Wand, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (BMB)/Trainer Protein structure, dynamics & function. NMR spectroscopy; Protein-ligand interactions; Molecular recognition and 
drug design


University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences

SOM - School of Medicine
SAS - School of Arts and Sciences
CHEM - Chemistry
Tobias Baumgart, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Physical chemistry of amphiphile membranes with lateral heterogeneity resulting from non-ideal mixing
David Christianson, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Structural and chemical biology of metalloenzymes, terpene biosynthesis and metabolism, arginine catabolism and sexual arousal
Barry Cooperman, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Biochemistry and enzymology of pyrophosphates, serpins, ribonucleotide reductase and E. coli ribosomes
Ivan Dmochowski, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (CHEM)/Trainer New molecular imaging probes; gene photoregulation; bio-nanomaterials
Zahra Fakhraai, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Basic mechanisms by which surfaces catalyze rapid growth of amyloid fibrils under various physiologically relevant conditions
Feng Gai, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Structure-function of protein folding and dynamics, RNA folding and dynamics, protein-protein interaction
Madeleine Jouille, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Synthetic organic chemistry including heterocyclic and medicinal chemistry
Marisa Kozlowski, Ph.D. UPenn SOM (CHEM)/Trainer Identification of new ligands for asymmetric synthesis using database mining, functionality mapping, theoretical calculations of selectivities, and QSAR techniques
James Petersson, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Chemistry of neuronal signaling proteins
Jeff Saven, Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Theoretical and computational methods for understanding and designing protein folds and enzymes
Amos Smith Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Natural product synthesis, bioorganic chemistry and materials science
Jeff Winkler Ph.D. UPenn SAS (CHEM)/Trainer Synthesis of natural and unnatural products; enzyme inhibitor design