Goal: $25 Million

The Robert and Penny Fox Tower is a contemporary and dramatically silhouetted space that heralds an engine of discovery and an international leader in biomedical research.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of "Team Science" today and in the future, the Fox Tower features larger, more flexible laboratory space that is easily reconfigured to meet changing research needs, and open-plan laboratories and common areas for scientists and staff encourage collaboration and interaction.

Our investment in new DNA sequencing and array technologies, imaging technologies, chemistry facilities, and mass spectrometry provides scientists with state-of-the-art technologies and high-powered computational tools to advance their research. In addition, our new public entrance on Spruce Street, a skylit atrium and 196-seat auditorium enhances Wistar’s identity and enables enhanced public outreach.

Wistar’s brand of "Team Science" naturally spurs discovery as researchers cross-pollinate ideas and brainstorm at will. The Building Wistar, Changing the World campaign forever breaks down barriers to the free flow of creative ideas, building optimal environments that inject greater spontaneity, foster more connectivity, and spark livelier discussions inside and outside the laboratory.