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Get involved at Wistar by joining our community. The Wistar Ambassadors and Leadership Council are designed to engage supporters of Wistar to further our mission of advancing biomedical research discoveries and collaboration.

Leadership Council

Leadership Council


The Leadership Council is a group of professionals and community leaders who share a commitment to The Wistar Institute’s mission to be a leading independent center of biomedical research focused on advancing cancer, immunology and vaccine science for the benefit of humanity.

The Council meets quarterly to learn first-hand about the strides being made against cancer and other diseases by Wistar scientists, and to network with other professionals in the community with similar interests. 

Vision Statement

Members of the Leadership Council engage in and further Wistar’s ability to have an impact by advancing scientific discoveries to save lives and training the next generation of scientists to ensure continued progress in biomedical research. Members do this by contributing insight and guidance to Wistar’s outreach activities and by serving as ambassadors to the community, spreading awareness of the mission and work of The Wistar Institute.  Members may also participate on committees, task-forces, and research “Center” advisory boards to make an even deeper impact on the life of the Institute.

Membership Benefits

  • Leadership council members are provided with a unique opportunity to gain in-depth and personal knowledge on the latest developments in biomedical science
  • Council members will interact with Wistar’s world-class scientists
  • Leadership council members will provide a voice for promoting lifesaving scientific research and raising the profile of The Wistar Institute
  • Council members will receive regular invitations to Wistar events and seminars and will be provided with updates and publications from Wistar, including its annual report and Focus magazine

For more information about joining the Wistar Leadership Council and details about expectations, please contact Anita Pepper, VP, Institutional Advancement (


The Ambassadors of The Wistar Institute



The Ambassadors are bright young leaders of the Philadelphia region who are working to support The Wistar Institute. These young philanthropists are garnering support and spreading Wistar's message about bold advances in cancer research findings through engaging events and outings.


Each year the Ambassadors will choose an area of research where their fundraising dollars will be allocated to support the science at The Wistar Institute.


  • Alliance with a world-class cancer center and maker of vaccines that have saved millions of lives around the world
  • Association and opportunities to network with other business and community leaders interested in advancing high-quality cancer and infectious disease research
  • Invitations to Institute-sponsored events, where you will be able to learn about and keep abreast of current discoveries and trends in biomedical research

For more information about joining the Wistar Ambassadors and details about expectations, please contact Anita Pepper, VP, Institutional Advancement (