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Wistar Workforce Advisory Council

Supporting all Wistar education and training programs, the council provides expertise and recommendations on a broad range of matters dealing with student recruitment and internships, connecting to valuable employment opportunities after program completion, and serving as advocates for our programs—all to expand Wistar’s presence in the Philadelphia life-science community and workforce.  

Kevin Brown
Accencio LLC
Calvin R. Snowden, Jr.
CBS BioPharma
Robert Carrington
CBS BioPharma
Heather Steinman, Ph.D., MBA
The Wistar Institute
Benjamin Doranz, Ph.D., MBA
Integral Molecular 
Nicholas Siciliano, Ph.D.
ViTToria Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Lake Paul, Ph.D.
BioAnalysis LLC
Michelle Walls
Anne Schoemaker
Sharon Willis, Ph.D.
Integral Molecular 
Robert Sheroff
David Zuzga, Ph.D.
The Wistar Institute 
Kristy Shuda McGuire, Ph.D.
The Wistar Institute
Richard Siegel, Ph.D.
Rich Siegel Consulting, LLC