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High School Fellowship in Biomedical Research

In light of the growing concerns around COVID-19, we made the difficult decision to cancel Wistar's 2020 High School Fellowship program this summer. We appreciate your interest during this challenging time and hope to provide an opportunity for those interested in the coming year.

A Summer of Science for a Lifetime of Learning.

Wistar’s High School Fellowship in Biomedical Research provides an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of current biological/biomedical theory and research tools and techniques at a nationally recognized nonprofit research institution.  Wistar scientists and their laboratory teams serve as program mentors guiding students through the planning and practice of daily research experiments and activities.  Students learn research skills together, taught by a team of mentors, and individually as each student trains in a principal investigator’s laboratory for the duration of the program; under the direction of the laboratory head, the student is assigned a unique research project related to the research goals of that particular laboratory.  Students are integrated into the daily work of the laboratory, participating in laboratory meetings and gaining exposure to different facets of the laboratory's research.  Mentors help students apply their current knowledge and skills and assist them in making the connection between laboratory experience and their academic studies.  The program includes a weekly lunchtime seminar series presented by Institute scientists and an introduction to research library skills development.

At the end of the summer, students are required to give an oral presentation with slides, as well as prepare a final written report describing their research project, techniques and processes learned, and how the experience was useful to the student both academically and personally.  The students meet periodically with their mentors to prepare and review the content of the oral presentations and written reports. Students are expected to devote 35 hours a week to the program. Students are given a stipend to defray commuting or other expenses they are expected to incur.

Contact Us

For more information about the High School Fellowship in Biomedical Research at The Wistar Institute, please contact:

Maria Colelli
The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


The Wistar Institute gratefully acknowledges generous support for the High School Fellowship in Biomedical Research from:

Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation 
Gray Charitable Trust
Pincus Family Foundation

High School Fellowship Program

“The High School Fellowship gave me valuable experiences I could not have gotten elsewhere.”

A.L., Julia R. Masterman Laboratory & Demonstration School
Wistar High School Fellowship Graduate

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