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Cancer Biology Graduate Program

The Cancer Biology Graduate Program—jointly administered by The Wistar Institute and University of the Sciences (USciences)—trains individuals with outstanding potential for a successful academic or industrial career in cancer biology and drug development.

This comprehensive, integrated cancer biology graduate program is centered on the involvement of Wistar faculty and USciences faculty and provides an inclusive, broad-based graduate educational venue that complements and expands existing opportunities for cancer training in the greater Philadelphia area. Successful candidates will be granted a Ph.D. in cancer biology from University of the Sciences.

Since the joint Wistar/USciences Cancer Biology Graduate Program’s inception in 2012, more than 50% of enrolled students have been awarded Ph.D. degrees. All graduates have published first-author papers in high-impact journals, including Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Cancer Research, and others.

This program focuses on cutting-edge strategies to understand the molecular basis of cancer initiation and progression, while also emphasizing the process of drug discovery and therapeutic development. The curriculum equips students to succeed in a multidisciplinary environment as both hypothesis-driven academic cancer researchers and industrial or academic discoverers. 

Are you looking to share information about our joint program with Usciences? Download and share the flyer here.


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