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Donating Property

Real Estate

Gift of real estateYour gift to The Wistar Institute of appreciated property, such as real estate, will not only support Wistar’s life-saving research, but can also provide you with a double tax benefit. You will receive an income tax deduction and, if the property has appreciated and has been held for at least one year, no capital gains taxes will be incurred.

Real estate could also be used to fund a charitable gift annuity, which can provide you with both an income tax deduction and a regular source of income, part of which will be tax free. You could also gift a personal or secondary residence while continuing to live there as long as you wish.

The Wistar Institute has a policy related to gifts of real estate so prior to making a decision you should contact the Development office at 215-898-3930 to learn more about the process associated with this type of gift. 

[In the image: The Effingham B. Morris farm near Bristol, Bucks County, PA, gifted to The Wistar Institute in 1928. The 180-acre working farm was an active research facility for many years and had residences for visiting scientists.]

Tangible Personal Property

Valuable personal property, such as fine art, stamps, or collectibles, may also be donated to The Wistar Institute with a tax deduction to the donor.  The tax code varies on these types of gifts depending upon several factors, so please contact our Development Office at 215-898-3930 and/or your personal financial advisor regarding a gift of personal property.


For more information, call 215-898-3930.