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COVID-19 Research

Wistar researchers in the Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center continue their concerted efforts to develop additional preventative and drug discovery approaches that could complement the existing vaccines and will add more tools to our preparedness resources, and to unravel the viral mechanisms of disease. The technologies under development are also being tested against some of the new viral variants. 

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Learn about our areas of research to combat the coronavirus and ways you can support through the Coronavirus Discovery Fund.

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Dear Wistar Friends:

I hope this message finds you well in this unprecedented and challenging moment in history. As I shared with the Institute, our first priority has been to ensure the integrity of our community and to uphold our mission to advance human health as we face a global pandemic crisis. I am proud that Wistar is leading the charge and making progress to develop a vaccine against coronavirus as our staff and dedicated scientists work safely, albeit tirelessly, along with the scientific community, to provide the answers that the public desperately needs. Our mission to protect global health through fundamental research advancements is more relevant than ever, and we appreciate your support that allows us to do so.

Now more than ever, I am proud to be a scientist and to be leading a distinguished and historic independent research Institute where science can provide the answers and needed therapeutics to protect humanity.

We are grateful to have you all by our sides.

Please stay safe, 

Dario C. Altieri, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Director, The Wistar Institute Cancer Center
Robert and Penny Fox Distinguished Professor

Wistar continues to monitor the evolving situation following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.


Wistar scientists address some of your questions as it pertains to how the Institute has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.


In Severe COVID-19, What Happens in the Gut Doesn’t Stay in the Gut

Shortly after the pandemic began, when doctors and scientists knew little to nothing about the novel coronavirus that has been sweeping across the globe for almost a year now, one thing became clear quickly: people who get severely ill or die of COVID-19 experience generalized inflammation and extensive damage to their lungs and often to other vital organs, sometimes leading to multi-organ failure.