The Wistar Institute is hosting a series of special events in conjunction with its 125th anniversary. Below is a calendar of events. Please check back for updates as we will be continuously updating this page with more details, including registration information, for each of these events.

April 6, 2017Women & Science: "Recognizing Outstanding Women In Biomedical Research"The Wistar Institute
April 13, 2017Author Event: "Science Gone Wrong" with Paul Offit, M.D.The Wistar Institute
May 10, 2017Wisteria EventMorris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania
June 22, 2017Women & Science: "Your DNA: What Does It Mean To Have A Genetic Cancer Mutation & How Does That Inform Cancer Therapy?"The Wistar Institute
September 16, 2017The Wistar Institute 125th Anniversary GalaDilworth Plaza
October 19, 2017Laurel Hill Cemetery TourLaurel Hill Cemetery
November 15, 2017Wistar at The Mütter MuseumThe Mütter Museum/The College of Physicians of Philadelphia



DatePast EventLocation
January 20, 2017Nikon Small WorldThe Wistar Institute
January 26, 2017Women & Science: "What Is Aging? An Inside Look At How Cells Change Over TimeThe Wistar Institute