Specimen Services

The Wistar Histotechnology Facility is equipped to provide basic processing, embedding, sectioning and histochemical staining of specimens. Both paraffin and frozen sectioning are routinely available for light microscopy and in situ hybridization. A variety of histochemical staining procedures are performed to meet most demands including those required for neuropathology. Special procedures and staining protocols can be accommodated as required.

Mouse Pathology Service

This service provides academically-oriented consultation time and scientific collaboration from an expert veterinary pathologist with expertise in mouse pathology and embryology to investigators at the The Wistar Institute Cancer Center. The goal is to foster and enhance scientific projects that involve animal models of cancer, inflammation, autoimmunity and transgenic and knockout technology, with the intention to publish innovative and academically sound research in premiere scientific literature.  

Dr. David Garlick, DVM, board-certified veterinary pathologist with demonstrated expertise in mouse histopathology, will provide Wistar investigators with project consultation, histology slide evaluation and report preparation, and high-quality image development. See Dr. Garlick's areas of expertise.

Faculty who have pathology inquiries may email Dr. Garlick directly, providing a brief but detailed summary of their experimental protocol, key experimental questions being asked and material provided.  For any shipping information and inquiries, please contact Stephanie McWhite, 215-495-6975.

Upon receipt, Dr. Garlick will review the material, and provide a written pathology report along with high-quality images suitable for publication. In addition to email, which is the preferred method of communication, Dr. Garlick will be accessible for phone consultation with the originating investigators, if needed.