- Functions as technical consultant in determining existing or potential safety and health hazards, advising as to the elimination or control of those hazards.

    - Develops, updates and implements safety program policy and guidelines in accordance with federal, Pennsylvania and local health regulations and prudent safety practices.

    - Serves as consultant and functional arm of the Wistar Laboratory Safety Committee, IBC, IACUC and other organizational committees.

    - Conducts periodic inspections of the Institute facilities and operations to determine compliance to applicable regulations, laws and codes that govern the Institute’s environmental health and safety.

    - Oversees waste collection and disposal operations, including chemical, biological and domestic waste to insure compliance with city, state and federal regulations.

    - Sponsors safety related training courses and training materials.

    - Offers biosafety level 3 training, cesium irradiator training, and other services for non-Wistar staff who utilize Wistar facilities.

    - Serves as principal liaison with the University of Pennsylvania Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety-the provider of radiation safety services at Wistar.

    - Coordinates medical support services provided by the Occupational Medicine Department of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

    - Serves as Emergency Response Coordinator.

More detailed information about Wistar's safety programs is available to all Wistar staff through the institute's intranet website. External users may be granted access the safety webpage by requesting a password from the Information Services Department.