We support caArray, caTissue and genePattern software as part of NIH caBIG initiative for interoperable integrative query tools in cancer research.

caArray is an array data repository.  All Wistar generated data will be deposited into caArray in a secure fashion as it is generated. Sample information is to be provided by individual lab personnel.  This password protected data (scientist defines its level of visibility) is then available to project participants for review and is also ready for deposit in GEO when needed for publication.

caTissue (Biobanking) is a biospecimen system for management, inventory tracking and clinical/pathology annotation; it is easily installed locally on your computer for laboratory use. Any scientist having a registered distribution protocol in the system can also order primary (tissue) and secondary (tissue-to-DNA/RNA, etc.) biospecimens.

GenePattern is a genomic analysis platform with more than 150 tools.  Those include differential gene/protein expression analysis, clustering, prediction/create a model (classifier), SNP copy number and Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) estimation. It is also easily installed locally if you wish to analyze your data in your lab.

The supporting information along with access can be obtained on the Bioinformatics website.

For instructions on installation and use, contact Wenhwai Horng or Andrew Kossenkov.