Melanoma Research at Wistar

The Wistar Institute is an international leader in melanoma research. 

The Wistar Institute Melanoma Research Center strives to understand the unique biology of melanoma in order to develop new therapies against the disease. The center serves as a way for researchers to partner with clinicians – a framework of connections that brings scientists, physicians, the life sciences industry, and melanoma advocates together to save lives through new and better therapies.

Major advances from Wistar's melanoma labs include: 

  • Development of monoclonal antibodies for diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.
  • Development of the concept of a stepwise progression of cells from normal to premalignant to malignant.
  • Establishment of cell lines from normal skin, moles and primary and metastatic melanomas that have served scientists all over the world with research tools. The Wistar Melanoma Cell Line repository is the largest in the world with over 500 cell lines.
  • Establishment of animal models that closely mimic the disease in patients.
  • Discovery of new genes that drive melanoma development and progression.
  • Discovery of T lymphocytes with the qualities to fight or promote melanoma.
  • Discovery of stem cells in skin that are reservoirs for normal melanocyte rejuvenation and those melanoma stem cells that are responsible for tumor maintenance and drug resistance.
  • Establishment of important collaborations with academic and industry laboratories around the world. Wistar also operates as a training center for scientists from all continents.
To learn more about Wistar's efforts to learn more about the science of melanoma, explore Wistar's Melanoma Research Center.