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The Wistar Institute

3601 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Office: 215-495-6850

Lab: 215-495-6851


We still do not understand how all of the factors that regulate gene activation and silencing are coordinated directly at genes.  By using tools to probe their dynamics at chromatin in single living cells, we can delineate their functions in a spatio-temporal context and gain new mechanistic insight.  To do this, we have developed a method to track a specific region of chromatin in single cells during transcriptional activation.  By evaluating the recruitment of regulatory proteins to the site, we can infer their functions.  Our approach is unique in that data are derived from individual cells imaged over time, not from cell populations averaged at a limited number of time points.  These studies have broad implications for understanding both the developmental potential of the mammalian genome and the mechanistic basis of disease.

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