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The Wistar Institute

3601 Spruce Street

Room 480

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Office: 215-898-3934


Working closely with adult and pediatric HIV/AIDS patient populations in the Philadelphia region, the Montaner laboratory is investigating strategies for strengthening the immune system's response to HIV as well as novel treatment strategies. They are addressing the mechanisms of immune dysfunction associated with disease progression and testing whether reductions in drug treatment could be pursued that would decrease drug-related toxicity without diminishing treatment benefits.
Immune system can fight HIV infection

A multi-institutional team of researchers, led by The Wistar Institute, has announced the results of a clinical trial that shows how the immune system can engage in fighting HIV infection if given the right boost.

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Transforming HIV Treatment in Developing Countries

New AIDS math could halve the need for CD4 tests after antiretroviral therapy in resource-poor countries.

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